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2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report

Demand for blockchain talent far outpaces supply!

Napa, California Apr 16, 2021 ( – The Blockchain Academy today announced the release of the 2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report.  Blockchain Technology, an invention on par with the internet itself, is just beginning to transform business as we know it, and demand for expertise is outpacing supply.  [description of product/service] and offers a new way for [target customer type] to [benefit or features].

“Existing businesses, not just financial institutions, that are slow to react to blockchain technology’s impact on operations and customer acquisition will lose to competitors leveraging decentralized ledger technologies (DLT).,” says Ryan Williams, Executive Director at The Blockchain Academy. “To meet the explosive demand for blockchain talent universities and professional associations partner with The Blockchain Academy to upskill the existing workforce and career changers.”

Sample highlights from the Report, include.

  • Blockchain hires slowly but steadily outpacing the price of Bitcoin
  • The average annual income in the US for a blockchain developer is $136,000, followed by $87,500 in Asia and $73,300 per year in Europe
  • The most needed roles are Engineering: 31%, Operations: 17%, Marketing: 13%, Design: 10%, Sales: 9%, Customer Support: 7%, Other: 13%

The 2021 Global Blockchain Employment report is available now for free, visit

About The Blockchain Academy: We partner with Universities, associations, and industry employers to provide turnkey blockchain curriculum and instruction to help scale business, industry-specific, and technical blockchain talent.  Blockchain business strategy program design and student outcomes focus on industries most ripe for blockchain’s impact, including Finance, Supply Chain, Accounting, Legal, Insurance, and Healthcare. Technical training programs are focused on where the most job opportunities are which today include Ethereum, EOS, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric.

Source :The Blockchain Academy LLC

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