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Fusing the sounds of Led Zeppelin, The Stones - The Doors

Classic Rock Rebels are the best new addition to the world of Rock

California, United States Apr 17, 2021 ( – Rich and seamless musical compositions that take the rock music world by storm, Classic Rock Rebels are all set to cast an impactful impression on the global audience. Driven by six members namely Keith St John, Lynn Cude, Toshi Yanagi, Sean MeHabb, Anthony Amorelli, and Lenny Roberto, nobody makes classic rock music like them. The band is synonymous with bringing the most authentic and raw elements of the genre together as they inject their unique edge by combining distinctive sound and styles.

Founded two years back and is the premier Classic Rock tribute band that comprises some of the best talents out of Los Angeles. They tribute their creations to The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin, and the rock music band exclusively plays all the hit rock n’ roll songs from the late 60s, setting their identity most distinguishable amongst the others. It is their conviction towards the craft that paves their way towards a future that is bright and fulfilling.

Classic Rock Rebels is not a new name in the rock circle as the band already has several awards to its name. The band was formed to honor the rock legends by delivering a collection of tributes for fans all across the globe. They are committed to churning out the best elements of these legends while incorporating their unique personality that could only be experienced with a band of such high stature. The top and seasoned musicians strive to deliver high-energy concerts and perform with great zeal at various radio shows, and festivals that categorize them as one of the best in the league.

The versatility of their rock production goes above and beyond anyone specific type and is widely enjoyed by the rock-loving crowd. It is their great work ethic, both on-and-off stage, and the bond that the band members share between each other that comes across all their live performances, marking them as stellar. The division of work in the band is such that the synergic production holds the power to leave behind a lasting influence on the listeners. They hope to spread good vibes and entertain the masses to the fullest with their Classic Rock fusions that vividly paint a picture of the 70s and 80s concerts that hold a strong resemblance to the Stones, Zeppelin, and The Doors.

With music that is striking and powerful, Classic Rock Legends is driven with passion in their hearts and the band is climbing atop the charts of the celebrated Rock genre as an authentic force to be reckoned with. They aim to get more and more listeners that appreciate their hardcore sound and hence, play at various corporate events, fairs, weddings, or for anyone who wishes to have a great time listening to their favorite classic rock music compositions. They play with attitude and a whole lot of grit. Make sure to check out their official website and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to see what they are up to next.

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