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IndEKal's online event Best Creator is trending with it's unorthodox collaboration

Mumbai, Maharashtra Apr 18, 2021 ( – Gatherings are on less account, events seem to be par down. Classes, meetings all are on the digital part. But on top, there’s something exciting trending first time in India, which will help you grow digitally. IndEKal introduces an online event “India’s Best Creator” on (IG page: ) for creators streaming in various fields such as Influencers in Fashion/Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Education/Activist, Singing, Dancing, Designer/Artist, Digital Creator and many more. The best part is that registration is FREE. There are five various awards for the winners and the winning cash prize is worth 10,000/-
But hold on. What’s so exciting about that? There are many such events. Well to cream up the event – IndEKal will collaborate top creators with various brands/sellers under “Vocal for Local” as barter Collaboration for brand promotion and creator visibility. The top creators in the event will also be interviewed and shared on the IndEKal website.
The event will head up with a filtering round on Instagram page @talentsocialnetwork and the top creators will be selected, which will be evaluated by Judge Panel and heading on with the voting round on the website. The Judge Panel for this event is Sofia Gureshidze (Fashion influencer),  Anindita Chatterjee (Travel influencer), Damini Sahay (Bellydancer), Khusbhu Patel (Yoga trainer/dancer), Vanit Bakshi (singer/Lyricist/Composer), Sagarika – Swagatika (Food influencer).
There are various activities heading along with the event. “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” will be headed up along with Rotaract Club of Venugram Belgaum, where various remedies will be headed for Clean India. Various giveaways/contests from various brands for the audience too. Also many Live interviews, sessions.
The idea behind this event was to discover various creators in India, share their success stories, and collaborate with various brands.
You can join the event and get updated on the Instagram page @talentsocialnetwork. Go ahead and make the best use of this pandemic by growing yourself digitally.

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