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The Unltimate Computer Science and Logical Reasoning Quizzing App that promotes Learning through gaming

Jruma App

Created by Dr. Reema Thareja and Mr. Pallav Thareja

New Delhi, Delhi Apr 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Knowledge is a power that propels you higher in life and drives you closer to your goal. To enrich you with the sheer power of academic, competitive, logical reasoning, and computer science knowledge, two great laureates – Dr. Reema Thareja and Mr. Pallav Thareja have created Jruma quizzing app. It is the best mobile app for computer science and competitive exam in recent times.¬ Jruma quiz app, with the help of engaging and interesting info-learning activities and quizzes, helps students to excel in different subjects and become sharp-witted.


Due to a lack of practicality and creativity, there is an enormous gap between the learner and educator. Jruma quiz mobile app is all about bridging those gaps and provide curious learners of all spheres a robust concept of learning through quizzes, games, and other innovative and intelligence-based approaches presented in the online education app. It is simply a gem for class 1 to postgraduate-level students. The more you spend your time with Jruma mobile app, the more you will be able to widen your horizon of general knowledge and intelligence.


Jruma app is developed and designed by keeping in view the ultimate need of academic, competitive, and computer science learning for school students and higher education followers. The fun-based activity presented in the app increases the curiosity of knowledge seekers and it is quite simple and fast as well. Sans doubt, you can play quizzes and games to test your knowledge level, logical reasoning, and aptitude skills and win exciting rewards every week.


Jruma quizzing app is the best mobile app for computer science and competitive exam for class 1 to postgraduate level. It exhaustively helps you empowers your brain, groom your personality, and more importantly prepares you to get more marks in school, college, and competitive exams. The best thing about this app is that it is full of learning facts combined with sophisticated technology and you will not get bored in solving the brain teaser. This online education app can be used by the teachers in the classroom to speed up the education process

Jruma Quiz Mobile App for Computer Science Students


Jruma quiz mobile app is an absolute stunner for those pursuing computer science courses like C, C++, Data Structure & Algorithm, Multimedia & Web Designing, DBMS, Python, and more. All the chapters, exercises, and quiz questions contain a variety of core information and knowledge of specific streams and test basic to advanced skills of computer science students. You can invite one of your friends to play a specific quiz or involve in a multiplayer quiz game as well. It is regardless to mention that the initiative is one of its kind to provide computer science learners a comprehensive practice on the topic of their expertise and interest.


Salient Features of Play Quiz App


  • It is absolutely free for everyone
  • You can access the app from any devices and location
  • Easy and user-friendly concept
  • Student can participate in group quiz or practice on their own
  • Quiz and question in the form of fillers, chapter, etc.
  • The participant can play quiz and win rewards and cash prizes


Download Jruma app now to witness the next level learning experience.

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